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从一个小小的岛屿到四处都是石油的大陆, 距离1385公里。 如果飞机以时速805公里/一小时 计算,那我们需要用上1小时44 才能到达。这就是我们的距离。当地都以华人居多,但生活方式可大大不同。以福建人为主的岛屿,拥有美食天堂的美称,人人都赞美。同时,以福州人为主的大陆,拥有丰富的天然资源,富国富民。
我们从未相遇到遇见花了18年的时间。一直到2011年,缘分让我们相遇了!在短短的一年内,通过偶然的机会,认识了彼此。经过一年365天的昼夜,我们做了一个选择———2012520号那天,我们 相爱了!


我们衷心的希望 你也会有属于自己的那段故事。

Little notes for our beloved readers:

1385 kilometres. Little metropolitan island and petroleum city. Imagine how far it is. With the speed 805 km/h of an airplane, approximately 1 hour and 44 minutes is needed to reach to and from both places. This is how God has separated us in terms of destination. Majority of the people who live at both places are Chinese. However, the ways they live are different. Most of the people from this island are Hokkiens. Meanwhile, in the petroleum city, most of the people are Fuchows. 

We spent 18 years before we met each other in 2011. It was the fate that brings us together. Exactly one year, we get to know each other. After 365 of days and nights, we made a choice. This date; 20.05.2012 marked the day when we are officially together ! 

<< WantanKolokMee>> belongs to us. This blog is witnesses towards our growth, ups and downs of our relationship. It will jot down each and every memory that will be prone to be reminisced in the future. Of course, you readers will be our witnesses. With the companion of you guys along in our journey, it will definitely flourish our entire relationship!

Thanks to all << WantanKolokMee>> readers ! We sincerely hope that you can find a chapter of your own story that belongs to you and your beloved.

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